Monday, July 16, 2007

Handcuffed Blue Dwarf for stag / bachelor party prank

This is a photo from a four day party (the equivalent of a US Bachelor Party) where a group of British lads party to celebrate the imminent marriage of one of their friends.

Basically they rented a midget for the four days and handcuffed him to the stag.

They painted the midget blue and dressed him like a smurf and the poor guy had to be handcuffed 24 hours of the day for four days to the stag party.

The guys on the stag paid for all the midget's food and drink and paid for his flight etc (cost around £850 if you wanted to do the same) but the guy had to do everything with the, drink, swim, shower, sleep, pee etc etc.

Apparently no midgets were harmed during the weekend.

This has got to be one of the best stag pranks ever. Good work fellas.

But how is the bride to be supposed to live up to the standards set by a four-foot tall blue beer-swilling machine?

And what happened to the old saying: "What goes on the stag, stays on the stag."


And here is a link that teaches you how to say: "I have a blue homosexual dwarf up my ass" in just about every language imaginable.


Jim said...

where did you get this? That's my mate's mate. (Not the blue one).

Benjamin Corke said...

little guy wasnt gay and there were only handcuffed together for 24 hours.

I should know, I was the organiser.


bananamuffinuk said...

And I'd add the wedding was lovely. Though they didn't invite the dwarf which I thought was a bit mean.

roundy said...

benjamin.....we're heading to a stag to swansea for the weekend, probably too late...but where did you get the little fella from, would love to organize same for weekend if at all possible!

Despedida Soltero said...

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tony said...

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